Organizational Development

Cultivating nourishing workplaces

The Juicy Work philosophy at work

Even if you already have engaging work, you may recognize that others on your team do not. Maybe they aren’t able to use their best skills or they feel disconnected from the organization’s goals. The Juicy Work process can help create a workplace that is healthy and productive with opportunities for everyone’s skills to shine. Through workplace assessments, workshops, peer coaching, and exercises, we identify ways that work can be more fruitful — for both employees and employers.

Our popular workshops include:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Bringing out the best in your workforce
  • Drama reduction: focus on what matters
  • Strengths identification: how to leverage your gifts
  • Reducing conflict: create more harmony


If your organization could use more joy, let us develop a program tailored to your needs.

It was amazing to see how people perked up after recognition and discussion of their strengths. When we worked on how they could use them we found people more excited about coming to work.

— Executive, Capital One

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Organizational Development