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An online training program to develop expertise in career coaching

“I didn’t realize how powerful the Juicy Work process was until I went through it myself. I went from a consultant at a large firm where I was only using a part of my strengths and passions to owning my own business where now I am engaging many of my strengths and passions and working in an optimal environment.”
— executive coach and recent Juicy Work workshop participant

Rapidly changing technology, emerging industries, and the coronavirus pandemic have sent many careers into a tailspin. The way people work may have changed permanently.

Now more than ever, career coaches are in demand to help people succeed in this new, volatile normal. The challenges of today’s career climate have made Career Coaching one of the most important and in-demand services that coaches can provide.

Research indicates that people are happiest and most engaged in their jobs when they’re doing work they love. Yet few know how to find that work. Now there is a template and process — based on years of coaching experience — that helps people find fulfilling work by identifying their strengths, engaging their passions and determining the best environment for them to thrive.

Juicy Work Career Coaching Certification Program is an online course designed for coaches who have already completed a foundational coaching program. Traditional coaching programs focus on developing skills in listening and asking questions to uncover insights. But they don’t offer a process that helps clients find their “Juicy Work” — work that is fulfilling and sustaining, that draws on all their strengths and expands their abilities, even those they may not be aware of.

This series of eight modules takes you through the steps that will help your clients find their Juicy Work. Each module provides content, opportunities for application, small group work, and pre- and post-workshop exercises to deepen your knowledge. Using this process with a practice client you will apply the model and develop a template for you to use going forward. The small group work allows you to learn from others and gain new perspectives.

If you are ready to take your coaching in a new direction, sign up for our training. Each module you complete will provide continuing education credits through The International Coach Federation (ICF)

Juicy Work Career Coaching Certification Program Consists of Eight Juicy Work Workshops for Coaches

Module 1: Juicy Work Coaching Framework

Module 1: Juicy Work Coaching Framework

We provide a clear and compelling process of the steps needed to identify a person’s Juicy Work – work that is fulfilling and builds on their skills, passions and ideal environment. Using tools and powerful questions, we help clients surface what they need to love their job.

Change your Job/Change yourself workshop training by Sandy Mosley of Juicy Work

Module 2: Unhappy at work? Change your job or change yourself

This module leads you on a path of discovery about what aspects of the job are preventing you from enjoying it. And, it reveals the possibility that maybe it isn’t the job that needs to change, but instead, the client’s mindset is keeping the job from being fulfilling.

Identifying strengths and passions for coaches - Juicy Work by Sandra Mobley

Module 3: Identifying strengths and passions

In this module we take a deep dive into strength identification and which strengths the client is passionate about. We identify signature strengths and ways to bring them forward in the right job.

Defining a Nurturing Work Environment workshop training by Sandy Mosley of Learning Advantage, Inc

Module 4: Defining a nurturing environment

Using a template, we show you how to guide clients through the identification of what aspects of a nurturing environment matter.  It could be co-workers, leaders, the work itself, and other fundamental things that engage the client fully.

Making Your Goals Real workshop training by Sandy Mosley, Juicy Work

Module 5: Making your goals real

In this module we work to clarify goals and present ways to enliven the goals so that the client has increased motivation to achieve them.

Getting unstuck and overcoming resistance workshop training by Sandy Mosley, Juicy Work

Module 6: Getting unstuck and overcoming resistance

At some point in a change process most people face challenges that keep them from reaching their goals. We provide tools a coach can use to give the clients support and new ways of working toward their goals.

Personal Branding for your unique gifts workshop training by Sandy Mosley, Juicy Work

Module 7: Personal branding for YOUR unique gifts

We use the signature strengths defined in Module 3 to hone stories and examples to define a client’s unique brand. With our branding template, your client can easily deliver a customized elevator pitch.

Networking your way to success workshop training by Sandy Mosley, Juicy Work

Module 8: Networking your way to success

Research indicates that over 80% of jobs come from networking. We show how to expand and leverage networks to help your clients find their Juicy Work.

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Juicy Work
Career Coaching Certification Program


 8 Modules – 1.5 hours each

 8 Group coaching sessions – 1 hour each

 28 CCEUs


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* Or, puchase individual modules.

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Expanding Career Coaching Workshop


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Special guest:
Over Fifty Starting Over

Executive coach and author of Juicy Work: Creating Fruitful Careers and Cultivating Nourishing Workplaces. Also a master certified coach and master somatic coach, Sandy shares her insight with leadership and finding careers of passion.

She is a founder of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program which has trained over 1,400 coaches. Her MBA from Harvard and a master’s in mathematics and computer science – combined with her leadership experience in large corporations – helps Sandy understand the unique challenges leaders face in today’s business world.

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Personalized coaching helps you take charge of your career

Many professionals feel stuck or unfulfilled in their current job. They may be frustrated by minor annoyances or they may sense a longing for something more meaningful. They may be reluctant to admit how unhappy they are yet they’re apprehensive about making a change. They know they’re not using their best skills and they don’t love the work, but they don’t know where or how to begin finding a solution.

Sometimes clients only need to gain a new perspective on their work to become “unstuck.” In other cases, they may need to consider a different career path altogether. Through insightful questions and exercises, we help clients explore options for making their current job more fulfilling or finding a job that is more aligned with their skills and values.

We provide:

  • Leadership assessments and 360-degree surveys to identify exceptional strengths and areas for development
  • Targeted goal planning to increase engagement, enjoyment and effectiveness at work
  • Tools to research and identify new careers and potential employers
  • Support for networking and interviewing

Juicy Work is out there and we have the tools to help you attain it.


The Juicy Work philosophy at work

Even if you already have engaging work, you may recognize that others on your team do not. Maybe they aren’t able to use their best skills or they feel disconnected from the organization’s goals. The Juicy Work process can help create a workplace that is healthy and productive with opportunities for everyone’s skills to shine. Through workplace assessments, workshops, peer coaching, and exercises, we identify ways that work can be more fruitful — for both employees and employers.

Our popular workshops include:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Bringing out the best in your workforce
  • Drama reduction: focus on what matters
  • Strengths identification: how to leverage your gifts
  • Reducing conflict: create more harmony

If your organization could use more joy, let us develop a program tailored to your needs.

“It was amazing to see how people perked up after recognition and discussion of their strengths. When we worked on how they could use them we found people more excited about coming to work.”

Executive, Capital One

Sandy Mobley – Author | Speaker | Coach

Organizational training and career development guidance from the heart

Steve Job said it best: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Each of us has unique strengths and abilities. When they aren’t validated in our work, we don’t feel satisfied or engaged. Take the time to work with a Juicy Work coach to identify your strengths, passions and a work environment where you will thrive. Using the Juicy Work process, you’ll find the sweet spot where work is joyful and effortless.